An exclamation, without which one may not claim to be a Computer Science teacher.
"What was your most memorable college experience?"

"Aaaeeeehhhhh..... Gurlz!"
by Tea Cake April 22, 2004
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Any number of hawt females that would get creeped out if they knew how much you stared at them.
"Hey dude, there's some hawt gurlz there."
"Yea, I talked to them once, not really, lolz. hawt."
by josh stone April 12, 2005
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Sexay chiks that always want a b/f so ask them out and prepared 2 b denyied!
Gurlz;somin that luvs 2 luv but isnt a guy!
by Sexay lil thang! March 29, 2003
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Generally,a white girl who pretends to be "gangster". They have a tendancy to have low IQ's, and they make this apparent bi spelin lyk diz ya hur? When they write their name, or quotes that they like they often use these symbol:~`*.They can be found wearing their either bleach blonde, or brown with badly highlighted hair, pulled back extremley tight in a high pony tail, held that way with a bottle of gel and hairspray, when this happens, they also pull out two small sections of hair in the center of the hairline, and style them so that they resemble bug antanae, which fall flat on/or framing the face. They also are seen wearing their hair down with no styling at all. Their eyebrows are commonly over plucked, so that they are almost non-existant. When wearing earings, its the hoochie hoops for these kids.They often wear etnies, or phat farms, along with tight jeans with no back pockets, that are either extremley low riders, or go up to right under the waist. Often these jeans are either really embellished, or with pockets in the front. Their shirts usually have some kind of logo on them. Make-up consists of heavy mascara, eyeliner, and/or eye shadow. Eye shadow tends to be light blue, white, pink ect. Lip gloss is most often a nessecity, followed by cakey foundation. In rare occasions, they can be found wearing shirts that actually say "Babi gurl" on them, usually these shirts are the spray painted ones you can get at your local town fair. Their favorite colors consist of black, pink, and blue. Babi Gurlz listen to rap and rock/metal like theres no tomarrow. On their myspaces you will see alot of surveys! They paint their nails various shades of colors, blue, black, green, red ect. Usually big pot heads, these girls tell everyone everything.Babi Gurlz are often sexually permiscuous, and attract a very dumb breed of boy, which are called the Babi Boi.
I'll be your babi gurl if you'll be my babi boi.

"i ain't gonna hang wit hur. shez mad crazii!"

Catie, we don't have enough stereotypes. Those stupid girls at our school who pretend to be black need a name. Their such babi gurlz.
by Urban Dictionary August 8, 2006
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Iconic Gurlz are the girls that believe they rule the school, even though they're just baby freshmen! They also believe they are above everyone else and are very full of themselves, such a great trait haha!
Iconic Gurlz: "Please, don't even breathe my air, you don't deserve it."

Everyone else: "Get over yourself, please!!"
by Anti Iconics April 18, 2017
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The name you call the girls that all the girls want to be and all the boys want to be with
Innocent bistander- "Dang, Izzy, Faith, and Rose are the Grand Blanc Iconic Gurlz..."
Everyone else- "You're so right."
by Colon pee March 18, 2017
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A Rap/Techno Group From Tha 512.
That Is Fuckin Trill.
Fan 1:"Did You See We Are Mean Gurlz Last Night!?!?!?!?!!!"
Fan 2:" OMG!!!! They Are SO Amazingggg."
Fan 3: "I Love Them So Much!!!!!!!:
by Katherine Excore May 11, 2008
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