One of Neptune's Friends and cpu of Lowe. the shares gained by her are most for her flat chest.
She has a extremely short temperament and likes reading and writing books.

Blanc is angry!! RUUNN!!
by Neptune#5904 November 28, 2018
The white counterpart to "nigga". It's pronounces the same way blank is.
"That's my Blanc right there."
by Wtlrptr October 31, 2019
Haitian term for a white person. Usually used to describe colonial oppressors of the past, such as the French. Blanc is French for the color white. Two variations are "petit-blanc," which is a benign white person who means no harm, and "blanc-blanc," which means a colonialist, a slave-driver or other oppressor.
George Bush's actions in Haiti pretty clearly classify him as a "blanc-blanc."
by the pope June 9, 2004
The single greatest voice actor that ever lived. Known best for doing 80% of the looney toons. He died in 1989 of heart disaese.
Mel Blanc was a good voice actor!
by zartok-35 October 8, 2006
A term used for the "French Creoles of Color" in Louisiana that were so light skinned and looked so white that they were called "Passe Blanc" which is French for "Passing White".

They could also be called "Passe Pour Blanc" which which is French for "Passing for white"
Some Creole people were so fair skinned that they went passe blanc and lived as whites.
by Pisces child July 12, 2011
The precious boy

White version of Cat Noir

Wants his father to leave him alone
Ladybug:Cat Noir?
Cat Blanc: My lady? I'm not Cat Noir anymore, I'm Cat Blanc
by Snowfurry November 10, 2019
"White Castle" translated into french. Used to trick your date into thinking they'll be given the "wine and dine" experience when you're really planning on offering cheap, greasy onion rings. Might work to your advantage if your date has a sense of humor.
I told her I was gonna take her to chateau blanc. The look on her face was priceless as we walked into white castle, overdressed for the occasion, and ordered a crave case.
by shaggyDA November 14, 2011