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Gay Muppet.

I derogatory definition for a person who is not only a muppet (fool), but a muppet who is sexually inclined towards the same sex of muppet.
When you said to me that you forgot your brain and you fancied the other guys ass, we would call you a Guppet.
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A gay muppet.
G(ay) + (P)uppet.

Not to be confused with a lesbionette.
Lesb(ian) + (Mar)ionette.
Surprisingly, guppet is not a term of endearment.
by Dick Phuket March 02, 2008
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A person who is a combination between a muppet and a puppet. They are simply tools of an industry or a set of beliefs and is incapable of thinking for themselves. Will often repeat the same quips over and over again, enforce mundane rules, and usually get many people to dislike them. Often confused with a tool, but has full knowledge that he is a corporate whore.
Marie: Ugh that Craig guy always says "cunt-tinue" to try and be cool, and it's so annoying after a while.

Brian: He's a Guppet. Watch out for him, he'll try to be funny and get to be your friend just so he can use you to move up in the world.
by Chris R. I. P. February 10, 2008
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