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1. Based on a word from Kannada language, an endearing word for someone you love. Typically used on younger boys. In literal terms, gundu in Kannada language means a ball or something round.
by Srii December 15, 2014
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NB: Not to be confused with gandu or goonda.

1. Based mainly on South Indian/Dravidian origin, it represents a fat or corpulent person - proud owners of love handles and usually, double chins.

2. A bomb (Tamil, India)
Here comes 'gundu'.

(Here comes fatso!)

Dai Gundu!
(A common tamil greeting - hey fatso!)
by Hypertoot May 12, 2009
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javanese or indian origin from the word gundol, meaning bald. in singapore and malaysia "gundu" means idiot or silly.
i didn't read the map properly and got lost. i'm such a gundu!
by biotechgirl December 07, 2006
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(Possibly also spelt "gandu")
A Hindi word for the hole in one's arse. Usually has connotations of anal sex and homosexuality.
When two men are locked in a prison cell for a number of years without female porn, then gundu is bound to happen.
by Skyboy September 05, 2005
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