A cliff at dolime quarry in Guelph Ontario. The name came to be when some drunken idiot (read: typical cliff jumper) tried to spray paint "Jump In" but managed to spell "Gjump In" which has now been shortened to "gumpin". A gumpin is also a measurement. 1 gumpin = ~25ft
a gumpin is not a static measurement because a gumpin is defined as "the distance from the top of the cliff to the water" thus a gumpin is never the same.
S: I dare you to dive off the gumpin!
T: I dare you to gainer the gumpin!
S: I dont know how to GAY-NOR
T: It's "gainer" not gaynor, you fucker.
I answered my physics test in gumpin lengths.
Dude that cliff is like 3/4ths of a gumpin.
Gumpin is pronounced "Guu-om-pin"
the amount of water in dolime quarry is 36 gumpins cubed (i.e. 36g^3 opposed to 300m^3)
by i<3jackjohnson October 26, 2008
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Being filthy stinking rich and having a mediocre job.
Did you hear the Marquis DeBonère works at McDonald's? Ya he's Gumpin' large.
by Skyfloss December 05, 2016
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