Seriously messed up. The term "gumped up" was originally coined by a Captain McPherson of Maine. (Long before the film, "Forrest Gump.") The phrase became part of the regional dialect and continues today.
(With Maine accent) "Look at this fuckin' gumped up fuckin' piece of shit."

(Also with Maine accent) "Oh my friggin' word. This friggin' gumped up friggin' house! All the friggin' floors are saggin' an' the friggin' windows are are frigged up an' painted shut."
by Meester Jeemy July 7, 2011
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To be continuously successful in life but always fall victim to dating or falling in love with the most tragic downtrodden unsuccesful polar opposite people imaginable and be perfectly fine with it.
Julie just got her masters and bought a new house and car....why is she Gumping it up with that loser Greg who works part time at KFC and lives with his parents?
by TWORL February 27, 2012
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Getting super gumped, inebriated beyond reason and belief
I had the devil of a gumpin last night, let’s gump it up bitch
by The destroyer of logic May 2, 2021
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