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An expression used to state you are about to undertake a difficult challenge, equal to or above your skill, whilst being unprepared.

Said expression often causes the speaker to be toothless for the time it takes to say it. Do not be alarmed, your teeth always return.

A feeling of smug superiority will normally come over the user if they succeeded in their goal.
1. Fighting a black belt when you have no fighting experience and just ate a pound of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

2. Taking an Advanced Calculus Regents when you have a C average in basic math.

3. Eating a roast beef/steak with no teeth.

4. I'm Gummin' it.
by Vito93 March 11, 2010
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to receive a blow job from an old person who has no teeth.
i went to the old folks home and the 80 year old women was gummin' it
by Zach Beaulieu April 25, 2006
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