A animal that squeaks and is totally ADORABLE
Person: I want a pet
Guinea pig: "Squeaks"
Person: I'M IN LOVE
by Just a normal dictionary perso September 2, 2018
An ADORABLE mammal, looks like a potato loves to eatttttttt! Also looks like a potato chip
by BASIL_DAISY October 17, 2019
When my hamster died, I decided it was time for an upgrade. So I purchased a hamster deluxe aka guinea pig.
by EtodadoubleU May 26, 2009
A slang term for a heavy set Italian man
Patrick: Louie Gambino is such a disgusting guinea pig. Every week he comes here, inhales 6 hoagies and drinks himself to sleep.

Connor: What a fat ass scumbag.
by Crackhead16 June 3, 2012
A guinea pig is a tube with a brain. Stuff goes into this tube at one end and comes out of the other. The purpose of the brain is to cause the tube to find more stuff to eat. Just underneath the brain, near the feet, is a squeaking muscle shaped like a kidney bean. If the brain thinks, even just for a second, that there is the remotest possibility of food, anywhere, within a fifty mile radius, then it sends a signal to the squeaking muscle, which then squeaks. Squeaks can also be elicited by tissues, your homework, feathers, and the rustling of plastic bags, all of which are incredibly delicious to the guinea pig.
I'm a guinea pig, big and chubby...what can I eat? Hay and pellets, fruits & veggies, Vitamin C!
by your dog March 31, 2008
An animal cute enough to eat, unfortunatly when you do you have no more friend.
by joe c August 27, 2004
one of the awesomest pets you can get. there is another definition saying they are brittle creatures because they break themselves on exercise wheels- they arent supposed to use them, dumbass. guinea pigs are related to the capybara, the largest rodent alive. guinea pigs are one of the only rodents that see in color. they are cute and curious. they are NOT stupid like the said dumbass thinks. i love my pigs of guinea. they are also not only owned by 7 yr olds. i know a 20 yr old who has guinea pigs. she loves them to death.
mom, can i have a horsey?
honey, how about a guinea pig?