A tactic for manipulation. Both to make someone feel bad about something, and just be an attention whore on Social Media.
This dude has been guilt tripping his followers on Twitter all because he wants attention.”
by MasonThe2nd July 26, 2020
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A manipulation tactic: making someone feel guilty so that guilt acts as an incentive to think or behave a way they normally wouldn't. Often involves the manipulator acting victimised or making grand gestures to create emotional debt.
John left Sally on such a guilt trip for leaving him that she ended up crawling back even though she knows he's a complete shit
by DevonRex July 09, 2017
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when someone tries to make you feel guilty for thinking/feeling/doing things a certain way.


when someone tries to make you do whatever they want you to. so they start making you feel bad about something.. so then you'll give in and do whatever they want.
"he convinced me to do what he wanted by guilt tripping me!"
by chantal October 05, 2004
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A trip you should never take. You should feel guilty when you know you have done something you know is wrong. You should set things right if you can or at least try to avoid doing the wrong thing again. The main thing is your actions are based on what you think and feel, not on what someone who is trying to manipulate you wants to make you think and feel.
You owe me because my ancestors were sold into slavery by white slavers. My people didn't come here until 1889 so fuck you and your guilt trip. You owe me because of the holocaust. My grandfather died at D Day fuck you and your guilt trip. You hurt my feelings so you owe me. Fuck you I don't do guilt trips.
by yorkie stomper April 08, 2008
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a manipulation tactic by promising someone grief and sorrow if something not done a certain way
Denise ran a guilt trip on Nate by telling him to visit his estrange father in the hospital or he'll never have a chance to make amends with him.
by Gerard Irick October 19, 2008
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The act of appealing to emotion to get what you want.
Person 1: Give me the money!
Person 2: I've already gave you the money, you don't need anymore. We had a deal!
Person 2: Oh stop with the guilt trip ffs, you're just embarrassing yourself.
by PlatinumDoge August 02, 2021
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Guilt tripping is when you reject a girl for not wanting to go out with her and she makes you feel guilty about it.
Guy: I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same about you
Girl: Fine, I guess I'll just go home and cry myself to sleep.
Guy: Oh no, don't you even dare think about guilt tripping me.
Girl: 😭
by WildTomato May 16, 2017
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