A drink comprised of Goon, nasty cheap cask wine and juice, most commonly orange, pineapple, mango, etc. to mask flavour.

Better than Goon, worse than Juice
"pass the guice!"

"i didn't get the ratio of my guice right! tastes like ass."
by Penny.F March 6, 2011
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A type of parasite. Someone who holds himself/herself in the highest regard in spite of the fact he or she is an utter twatwaffle. The liquid left over in a douchebag after the douching is done.
Wow did you see Kenny trying to game that girl out of her tips? He's such a Guice.
by SpaceRat August 9, 2017
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The maker of bruh moments, slayer of hoes and tramps. kicks ass, smokes hella grass, and sleds really fucking fast.

like a chad, chode, or bruv, but generic
me; "dude did you see kenny last night at the party"?
bruh; " Hell yeah man, hes a fucking guice"!
by the magical E of oz April 28, 2020
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The internet way of saying "guys". Also a way to sound retarded on the interweb.
by GGQ February 14, 2009
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It can be negative or positive When you overachieved an expectations or you did better than expected.
Holly Holm needed to beat Ronda Rousey but she didn't just beat her, she Guiced her by knocking her out
by TheGuicer February 26, 2017
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Army Bowl MVP
Fastest RB to 1k yards in LSU program history

8.0 YPC (leads the nation)
1300+ yards (as a backup), leading the SEC
Guice is just the best running back okay people
Derrius Guice emotionally and spiritually hurt the Arkansas defense
by 24Flavorz January 23, 2017
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