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An ancient being created before everything. This creature Has roamed the universe and cleansed it from any impurities.

But after having traveled through The universe for many years the creature found an empty earth, Sensing potential he decided to create life on the rock He created the entity knowns as god and had him create life . he decided to join his creation so that he could witness the birth of life first hand. He Decided to join them as a man ,when he arrived he noticed the earth was impure It was filled with adirty creature That creature is known as one of the most feared things in the galaxy a creature so powerful it could destroy the universe. The remminace of that creature is known today as hogs. The holy creature tried to rid the world of the creature, a long battle ensued Leaving the earth on the brink of destruction. God witnessed Their power and deemed they were to dangerous to be kept on the earth god turned the holy being into an artifact. never to be found. The creature became the hogs. Some say the artifact has been found and that it has taken a human body as a host. But due to the phenomenon known as time that exists on earth has made the artifact old and it has dulled its senses. Making it act very similar to an old man. The name of the artifact is the acronym G u b b e wich stands for “Godly Union brings bad emotionless torment” Rumour has it that the artifact can be found near the reminance of the very thing it sought to destroy.
Year 1946
Young lad “hey dude we should totally walk through the forest!”
Young lad 2 “ yeah sure as long as there are no Gubbe in the area”
Proceeds to walk through forest
Young lad “ wow, why are there so many hogs here?”
Young lad 2 “I don’t know, I’ve never seen so many gathered at the same place.”
Young lad “hey there’s something glowing over there! Let’s check it out.”
Young lad “ woah, it kinda looks like an egg. Wait is it hatching?!”
*egg shell cracks*
*a golden mist emerges from the egg*
G.u.b.b.e “ pojkvasker, vad menas med detta?! Jag sov ju så bra.”
Young lad ” what is it saying?”

G.u.b.b.e ”den här ungdomen skall bevara mig väl”

*jumps towards young lad 2*
Young lad “ Albin watch out!!”
*everything turns black*
by Hogman69 June 27, 2018
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Pronounced "goo-beh", the swedish word for "old man"
American guy talking to his dad:"Hey old man"

Swedish guy talking to his dad:"Hey Gubbe"
by pyrost December 01, 2014
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