Tra´deer also pronunced Treydor, is a form of profession on a distant planet far far away in a not very close future, that are eating children and are considerd evil down to the bone.
I dont duel trader, they eat small children.
by Bugs of many Systems. August 28, 2003
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An omnipotent eternal gimp, having almost no bounds of gimpness
Man I wish I wasn't a fucking trader.
by Trey August 15, 2003
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A Trader Joe’s employee who shops at Wholefoods or various other large chain health food stores.
Today, while shopping at Wholefoods, i saw a trader with her employee shirt on and everything!
by Aj0899 April 21, 2018
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An individual who trades stocks almost exclusively via their smart phone device. Typically an amateur with no professional trading experience.
These damn pocket traders are moving the market!
by JPPALM22 June 16, 2020
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A man who has sex with other men in public toilets for money. Marwood is mistakenly identified as one in the film "Withnail and I."
Monty: About how you came to Chelsea and your arrest in the Totenham Court Road. He told me about your problems, how you feel.

Peter: Problems, what problems?

Monty: You are a toilet trader! Go with it boy, give into to it. It’s like a tide. Don’t let it ruin your youth as I nearly did over Eric.

Peter: I’m not homosexual, Monty.
by Pete October 6, 2004
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the scum of the earth. they and their fucking stupid llamas deserve to die.
“Is that a wandering trader?”
“Yes. Kill it immediately”
“You didn’t kill it’s fucking llamas!”
by iminmemumscarvroomvroom June 3, 2021
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A political animal in corporate or financial world. Someone that gets rich, but not necessarily makes money for his or her employer. Usually someone that has an overwhelmingly technical disability compensated by his or her astonishing capability kissing some serious ass.
I can't believe Dave got that management spot, he can't add 2 and 2.

Yeah but he's an awesome People Trader, though.
by CBALTHAZAR September 5, 2008
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