A tool that teachers use as carelessly as when a kid finds a Panzerkampfwagon IV tank.
That stupid teacher used the Go Guardian on me.
by GarfMasterGlob October 2, 2019
Cool Power Metal band. Probably one of the most talented in musicianship and songwriting, up there with Helloween. Not so great but still excellent power metal bands are Iced Earth, Manowar, Rhapsody. Power Metal bands usually write songs which are Fantasy,Folk Lore, and Historic Based songs.
Dude, Blind Guardian played at the Amphitheater, and it PWNT! Were you there?

OMFG MY LIFE IS T3H 0V3R I missed BG!!!!!!!!!
by Nilknarf March 7, 2005
one of the best metal bands that has ever walked the face of this earth!
by Lord Mediocrity April 15, 2003
one who guards the cock of a friend from unsightly females
Whoa man, there's alot of ugly bitches at this fiesta, could you be my cock guardian after these twelve shots of yeager take away my judgement?
by imgregbrady July 24, 2008
A Damn. Good. Band.
You need no other explaination. Now, GO PICK UP THEIR CD.

Generic kid 2: Blind Guardian destroys them.

Generic kid 1: *emo tear*
by LIEK HALLO December 4, 2005