1: A girl's friends, who almost always make it uncomfortable to be around the girl you want to talk to. All girls have them, and they are a problem for most guys.

2: Dogs, usually Rottweilers or German Shepherds, used to guard prisons and other high security buildings.
"Hey, Terry, you should go talk to Maria"

"No way JT, she's got guard dogs like hell!"

"I'm almost out of jail! OH SH*T! I forgot about the guard dogs!"
by Phenomenal1 April 20, 2010
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One or several ugly women that seem to hang around attractive females, offering protection and an effective deterrent against hopeful males.
"Hey dude look at that hottie over there?"

"No chance mate you have to get past the guard dogs first!"
by Alex Tooth May 08, 2008
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The fat chick that hangs around with the hot chick. Usually requires a wingman to climb the back fence, distracting the orange ruffy enough for the sandlot kid to retrieve his baseball

The angrier the guard dog - the fatter the fatty
Nailed a hottie last night, couldn't have done it without Johnno climbing the back fence.

Angry, angry guard dog
by Ben November 18, 2004
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Slang for a gat. Generally a handgun, or other concealable firearm.
Often used in conjunction with teeth.

Assumed to have originated in the Canadian west provincial drug trade.
Man, I got shitloads of teeth, but no guard dogs...how 'mi s'posed to protect my boys?
by Geth November 17, 2004
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Just as a dog guards and protects his or her owner, the idea of this is that a person who initially feels obligated to protect someone that matters very much to them that could potentially be a relative, close friend, or partner.
" did you see when Eric hit Rey last week? Rey's friend was with him and attacked Eric like he was Rey's Guard Dog!"
by BrotherKnowsBest April 16, 2019
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When you want something to not be found so you shit near or on object to deter someone from finding it.
Yo butter cheeks is guard-dogging the hennesy his mom will never find it!
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When you're having a threesome, but you wont let the third guy join in.
Juan was guard-dogging me during yesterday's gangbang.
by Eastin Flamond January 25, 2016
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