The game that 11 year olds on a flying moterbike go to the stripper to wank for the verry first time
Bruh gta5 is made of shark cards
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A forum dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto game series. The website opened in Late 2003; now it's a shithole thanks to the uncaring Administrator there. It finally closed for good earlier this year, and most of the members have since moved to the website, which is maintained by former GTA5 members. The GTA5 Admin stands out amongst a long line of fuckwits for not maintaining the Forums on a regular basis and never finishing the RPG system he promised.
by Dok February 10, 2005
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That place where you satisfy yourself with your pee pee
Joe I'm going to the heel GTA5
by KarmaWWWW February 25, 2021
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Franklin from GTA 5 he has a dodge demon as his car and his friend is Micheal who has an audi and a mini cooper
look he such a franklin from GTA5
by BAZID LOVER October 12, 2021
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