Definitely not going to get released next year
Gta 6 is not going to come out in 2039
by Ashl. July 20, 2018
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Person 1: Hey is Gta 6 ever gonna be a thing

Rockstar: Fuck No but you can check out our sweet ass new dlc for gta 5 where you can buy a flying rocket powered dildo with missiles on it, it costs 4mil which when grinding will take you the same amount of time to make money at a part time job or you can buy it with shark cards for 50$
by A trash weeb March 18, 2021
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Will never come out, Only being Gta 5
by ImpulseOnix November 15, 2021
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Coming out when elementary kids turn 79
Hey bro remember 69 years ago we played gta 5 well gta 6 came out
by December 14, 2020
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1 The 6th instalment of the grand theft auto series always milked by click bait youtubers like sernandoe and boss man fuck the world or 2 begged for rockstar fanboys on their twitter 24/7
1 hey guys boss man fuck the world here and I got grand theft auto 6 early from rockstar games. 2 *some celebrity that rockstar games worked with dies and rockstar makes a tweet about it* rockstar fanboys: “where’s gta vi” “gta 6?”
by Big-digger-nick April 25, 2020
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A game that is not released yet. GTA 6 is a sequel to gta 5, a game in the GTA series made by Rockstar North. Or, known as R*. This game will be probably released on the PS4, PS4 Neo, Windows, Mac, and Xbox ONE/Xbox ONE S/Xbox ONE Scorpio.
GTA 6 is going to be one of the best games ever!
by Dictonary King August 1, 2016
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