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A character from the Simpsons episode Kill Gil that is based on the Grinch. Homer tries to stop the grumple from ruining Christmas during a holiday-show-on-ice. The grumple then tries to hunt Homer down and presumably kill him. As the Grumple says, "Grumpley Grumpley Groo, I'll use your blood to make my stew!" In the end of the episode, the Grumple family visits the Simpsons and sings with them.
Look out! It's the Grumple!
by Ross December 22, 2006
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A grumpy person who bums everyone out and is a buzzkill.
"Man I'm having such a great time!"
"Too bad John is such a grumple and bummed me out..."
by Kittykattttt666 April 03, 2013
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Small clay "head" that brings luck to the person whose purse it is carried in.
Cute, or ugly, folk art type "Lucky Charm".
I have never lost a purse that my grumple resided in, so I guess that;s lucky.
by pandawitch July 12, 2010
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The area between your grandpas asshole and balls. On young people it’s known as the taint.
After all these years grandma went to a spa where they gave her beaver a Brazilian and she found out that they can also hook grandpa up with an asshole bleach and a grumple shave.
by Daddy big hands April 23, 2018
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