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The swelling of a horrendous amount of fecal matter moments before it is excremented.
β€œI’ve got to get off the phone now, that five pound carne asada burrito I had last night has produced a giant growler in my intestine the is about to crown”
by Andy Kock December 21, 2009
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(Slang) vagina

This word was popularised by Bo'Selecta! and the character of Lorraine Kelly, with her famous phrase, 'Have ya seen me growler' as she parted her legs to reveal an unsightly mound of pubic hair.

This word is generally used to describe an old, unkept or generally disgusting vagina. It is not a pleasant term.
Crap on a stick!! That's some disgusting growler.

Your mum showed me her growler last night. It was sick.
by Master of Definitions April 29, 2006
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1) A half gallon container that is usually filled with beer.
2) A vagina.
3) A loud, messy crap.
Jake: "Did you go out and get some growler after you drank that entire growler last night?"
Tim: "No, it just made me have to take a major growler. I spent most of the night on the john."
by Nicholas D May 28, 2009
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positive slang term for the full view of the female genitalia.
lesbo 1: man, tina was more amazing than i thought she'd ever be... i got down there and it was a growler...
lesbo 2: what is a growler?
lesbo 1: a full frontal, legs spread, ready for you view of her best junk.
lesbo 2: why do you call it a growler?
lesbo 1: because it makes you go gggrrrraaarrrr (rolls tongue to make growl noise)
by Ryan Star July 31, 2006
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Distended vertical bacon sandwich, usually badly in need of attention. See also badly packed kebab.
"Mummy, why did that lady just growl at me?"
by Garth Mortimer November 17, 2003
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Heavily hairy minge. From Avid Merrion's portrayal of Lorraine Kelly in Channel 4's Bo' Selecta.
- Can you see me growler?

- So did she have a real growler?
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
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