Telling someone they don't have the balls that they SHOULD have to do something "manly"

Usually a conversation between 2 or more guys.
Jake: I really like Mikayla, but I don't think she would go out with me...
John: Stop being a pussy, grow a pair and ask her out!
by Kadaw September 21, 2009
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To tell someone that they have no testes (balls,gonads,fluff balls,milk machine,wables, or the things your mom sucks on)
by asjkgfyusdag May 11, 2008
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A taunt yelled at someone to let them know they are being a pussy and for them to get on with whatever they are afraid to do. Meaning to use the manly powers of a ballsack for courage.
Grow a pair already and jump!!
by Supercords July 29, 2012
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VERB, call to action NOUN, insult
V. "will anyone grow a pair and do some thing?" N. in speaking to a subordinate "You need to grow a pair"
by Jason AH July 27, 2006
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When a woman is acting sheepish or timid about doing something, someone can inform that person, "To be a woman and grow a pair of tits".

This expression is derived from the term male colleagues would utter towards each other, if a member of the group is acting in a timid or sheepish manor regarding a certain situation, "Be a man and grow a pair of balls".
Ann, stop being such a pussy and grow a pair of tits!
by DoritoM November 30, 2019
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Telling someone to gather the confidence and strength to do something scary.

To have the strength and confidence of a vagina as opposed to ‘balls’ which are notoriously weak and sensitive.
To a friend: “come on, I know you’re freaking out about this but you’ve just got to grow a pair of flaps
by Reddish June 1, 2021
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Telling somebody to man the fuck up in the situation that they seem to act girly.
"John stop being a fucking loser and grow a pair!"
by nick/her/nic/gaz August 21, 2023
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