Is an anime weeb he loves anime Don't fuck with him or he'll pull out voodoo anime stuff like the Mangeko Sharingan
"He really loves anime like a Sigmund would"
by - NezukoLover99 December 24, 2019
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An Austrian neurologist who did a shit load of cocaine and smoked a shit load of cigars. Some of his contributions to the world include accusing kids of wanting to engage in coitus with their parents and trying to interpret dreams in a very fucked up way. He eventually got oral cancer and died.
Kid: What's wrong with me Dr. Freud?
Sigmund Freud: Well I think you're competing against your father for sexual attention from your mother.
by freudianslipmyass April 30, 2014
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Sigmund Freud: A fucking asshole who said asshole-stuff like girls envy boys for having a penis and everyone wants to fuck his own mother. Also he was a heavy drug user, and no one liked him. Someone stole his brain after his death and proofed that he was a psychopath himself and tried to cover it up by inventing psychological theories that were so absurd and stupid that noone would believe in psychology. He also said it is important to murder children.
Someone: Finally, Sigmund Freud is dead!
Someone else: I'm so glad! He was a burden to this world and his drug addiction was just out of control.
by thetruthspeaker1111 November 18, 2018
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he invented theories and psycho analysis. the most helpful thing he did, however was join bill s. preston esq. and ted theodore logan on an excellent adventure in which he got to travel around time with the likes of socrates and billy the kid ending up in a 1990's high school where he helped saved their butts in a school project. this then enabled them to stay together, helping the dream of WYLD STALLIONS to live on.
by rathsangatas drink November 2, 2004
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A psychiatrist who is most notably known for coming up with his idea of the id, ego, and super-ego.
Sigmund Freud also did a hella Cocaine and thought the effects of cocaine were good for some of his patients with nervous disorders.
by Dancing with Fire June 18, 2011
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A sex move in which you take a girl doggystyle while facing a window. A friend who has been waiting patiently in the closet comes out, and you smoothly switch places leaving the girl none the wiser. Your friend continues the doggystyle, and you walk outside and wave to her from the window.
Dude, Cindy pissed me off last night, but instead of breaking up with her, me and Brett gave her the Sigmund Freud.
by Facial Ranger March 23, 2007
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