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From gopher + rounding.

When someone goes on a food run and "rounds up" the price of your food, thus failing to give you change. Often "unintentional."

If you give someone $10 to go pick you up a Big Mac and you never get change, they've done some grounding.
"Hey, did you ever get your change from Mike after that Taco Bell run?"

"No, that son of a bitch does some serious grounding."
by sully521 September 28, 2009
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The process in which something small and usually innocent is crushed into smaller pieces, rendering it unable to do anything enjoyable and interesting.
The Mother decided that her son deserve a good grounding...
by S3xym4n24/7 December 29, 2015
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grounding: it can be used in a "mariot" of contexts, see "famous". To be grounded is something!

After an intense period of "flowing" a "psychological auto pilot" returning to yourself or in yourself, becoming aware of surrounding and letting go of tension, being of relaxed mind.

The act of "grounding" can be a spiritual, stimulating and a moving activity. Driving a car or a motorcycle, having an activity (other than work or home) that "enlifts your spirit" with your proverbial feet on the ground, acknowledging gravity and at one with your surroundings, without becoming to attached to objects, animals, people or sweaty clothing. The act of "grounding" sounds as a contradiction to moving but it's not.

Grounding to become aware of the earth you walk on.
"No, be present in your own body, in yourself, not in me, in your mind! In your own, your soul or how you call it? Grounding? Yes, grounding."

"No, i'm grounding, i'm allready whole, don't seperate me from myself!"

"It's the energy thing, what the grounding? Yes, love it!"

"It's in movement we find our grounding!"

"Take of your socks and shoes, we're grounding here!"
by good attention July 29, 2013
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