cute ass motherfucker that saved the guardians of the galaxy that one time and then turned into a cuter motherfucker after he died and danced to “i want you back” by the jackson 5
by harambewasalie August 12, 2016
To be overly excited, hyper, obnoxious, or completely insane.
Guy 2: Dude, calm down. You're being groot as hell.
by Lucubriousness February 25, 2009
1. A term used to describe a man who has a deformed penis, not too dissimilar to a tree branch.

2. Also used in much th same way as twat as an offensive term.
1. Hahahaha, he has a groot

2. Some fukin groot has nicked me fuckin wheels
by spluh January 26, 2006
Using only one word or phrase to speak. Inspired by Guardians Of The Galaxy character Groot, who does this.
"Peaches," he growled. "Peaches."
"No offense, but why is he Grooting?"
by Yeeroezian May 4, 2016
The act of spreading ones legs and bending the knees while slowly waving the arms to resemble baby Groot.
Person 1: Dude what are you doing?

Person 2: Im grooting

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: I am Groot

Person 1: Can i try?

Person 2: We are Groot
by Lalaloopsyismyniggah August 11, 2014
The act of being subjected to an unwanted advance at ones personal conduct and living space while receving a loving sticky note with 3pt font and a look of unpreproportional squinting.
"Can you pass the Texas Pete!"
"I just got grooted"
by a meber of 2 company October 6, 2011