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" G'day mate, how bout we head on down to tha pub and grab us some grog? " ;)
by Katherpillar October 02, 2008
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A mixture of rum and water, sometimes sweetened with lime and sugar. Issued on British Navy ships from the mid 18th Century to the late 20th Century.
Consumption of grog was preceeded by the call to "Up Spirits".
by Armand Karlsen January 18, 2004
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grog is a word used by aussies which means alcahol
im going to the bottle shop to buy some grog
by Josh September 22, 2004
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Grog is a secret mixture that contains one or more of the following:
-propylene glycerole
-artificial sweeteners
-sulphuric acid
-red dye #2
-axle grease
-battery acid
-and/or pepperoni

As you can imagine, it's one of the most caustic, volatile substances known to man.
You're a bunch of foul-smelling, grog-swilling pigs!

No swag means no grog, and we're running dangerously low on grog...
by Memma June 23, 2004
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Cavalry Grog has a long tradition of identifying true cavalrymen.

The history of the "Punch Bowl" ceremony has become obscured with time. Legend has it that during the years of the Westward expansion, Cavalry Troopers would share their spirits with one another thereby insuring that all fellow troopers had something to drink. The alcoholic spirits usually consisted of whatever an individual trooper’s taste was, and that when mixed with other alcohol created a powerful drink known as "GROG". The camaraderie developed over the decades, and the various wars and campaigns provided the rare opportunity to share "liberated" spirits with each other. Today’s "GROG"
or punch bowl ceremony is a symbolic reflection of this age-old tradition.
It doesn't take much of the grog mixture to become wasted.
by Cav Troopers Girl April 01, 2009
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The Grog is a magical concoction of what can only be described as a 'strong alcoholic substance' that when produced, is a statement to raise the level of the event in question to a point of epic proportions.

Once 'Grogged', the drinker soon becomes unable to tell if one is coming or going, resulting in either (or sometimes all) of the following:
- life and soul of the party
- the loss of feeling in all limbs
- an extreme want to sleep
- vomiting
- extreme cases of 'Jumperexia'

After cases of 'Grogged' behaviour, one is not expected to return to normal for days, even weeks.
"Get the Grog!"
"Get grogged!"
"Grog it up!"
"Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Grogged!"
"You've got the Grog I need to see me through!"
by grog July 27, 2012
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