The part of a mans boxers which keeps the genitalia in place, the size of the gob can vary greatly however is is rarely specified as to whether pants have large or small grobs, which can come as quite a surprise when you get them home
these pants have such a large grob that its uncomfortable
by bigrichard90 April 20, 2009
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A fellow who will put all their efforts into making no effort to be clean, hygienic or sociably approachable.
Jonny Cooper is the biggest grob I know!

He's such a grob, he hasn't washed his sheets in 3 years!

She never does her washing up... what a grob!
by Moo88 March 4, 2009
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Grob is a specimen of human who cannot run, constantly listens to sad songs and is passed around the boys like a parcel at a three year old bday party.
by Sala31803 September 11, 2019
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Unknown or unspecified dirt or contamination. (Noun)

Commonly used in the Electronics industry, grob can optionally be classified as (electrically) conductive or non-conductive.
If those terminals get covered in grob your circuit is not going to work.
by Lesolee September 7, 2012
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She has the dirtiest grob I've seen...
I just went down on her grob man....
It was the grubbiest grob I've ever seen.
by James '3 balls' R August 8, 2007
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Grob, a word for penis or the act of having sex with someone
That is a big grob

i would, yes, i'd definately grob her
by dirtybarber November 29, 2010
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Speaking large amounts of gibberish, false information, and jokes that make no sense whatever.
"Why did he leave the group?"
"I was bored, and I went full grob grob on Discord"
by DeanMcginnis October 9, 2021
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