She's perfect. An Angel on earth. You'll never find anyone like her, she's one of a kind and she's everything anyone could wish for. She's funny, smart, and the prettiest girl ever. There's no one else out there who even comes close in any way!!!! She is so pretty she outshines all the starts in the universe a million times over!!!! She gives meaning to the lives of anyone she talks to. Just looking at her makes any normal guy fall in love!!! And she's so kind and that you'll think she's an Angel (who says she isn't) she literally the best person ever and I believe that with all my heart
Ay yo you met Griselda?
No should i??
She's literally the best person ever
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Griselda is someone who is outgoing and funny. She’s so easy to get along with and typically has many friends. Wherever she goes, she’ll likely come back with a new friend or a funny story. She has such a contagious smile and laugh. She has had some bad family history, but she doesn’t let it bring her down or others down. She is always cheerful and is kind and helpful towards others. Once you meet a Griselda, you won’t forget about her and likely become close to her.
Griselda made me laugh every time I was around her.
by yourgal546 March 04, 2020
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A pretty, out going and smart girl who is a good girlfriend and has a great personality. Mostly a nice girl, but if you get on her bad side, she is the bitch you dont want to mess with! She is hot and fun to hang with. You'll never be bored!!
Dayamm,, have you met girl Griselda?
by barton:) November 19, 2009
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A stuck up bitch who uses you for your money
Have you met griselda?
Yeah. Shes a bitch. She used my bestfriend to get shit she wanted
by BigFuckingHa August 19, 2019
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Griselda, a name originating from old English (‘gris hild’) meaning ‘Dark Battle’. -
Although the name is ugly but has a pretty cool meaning, ever meet a Griselda and you’ll wish you didn’t. All Griselda’s are quite arrogant and childish, they allow their ego and passion to be something they’re not get in the way of backing out if situations they obviously don’t belong in. For example; Griselda has gotten the self into a massive argument that they started, Griselda should be smart and apologise but they don’t as they believe they’re right and ignore all facts pointing to the opposite.
“Oh, you still talk to Bethany? I cut her off as she really acts like a Griselda.”
by Iknowyouloveitreally November 01, 2019
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Griselda Blanco (b. February 15, 1943), also known as la Madrina, the Godmother, the Black Widow and the Cocaine Queen of Miami, was a drug lord and pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine drug trade and underworld. Blanco was known for her absolute ruthlessness and sociopathic behavior...She got Pablo Escobar into selling cocaine.

Griselda Blanco has said she is the baddest bitch to take a breath of life.
by Dylan Reed February 18, 2009
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Eriselda is the name of a girl. A gorgeous person. She’s loyal and honest. Any boy to have her would be lucky. She’s pretty and always has a smile on her face. Always looking out for me and wherever she sees someone upset she takes the chance to make them happy. But her sense of humour is high. You can make her laugh quickly and she can make you laugh too. Her friends mean a lot to her and her friends are very lucky.
I actually really like eriselda/griselda
She’s so pretty
by Whatitmeans October 10, 2020
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