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When you hug somebody and as they embrace it, you fart
At my friends wedding, I gave her a congradulatory grip and rip
by Bella Bitch August 23, 2010
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When you are passing a big ass kidney stone and it gets stuck half way through, so you grab the base of your dick as hard as possible like a gogurt and pull up as hard and fast as humanly possible.
Bevin: Bro, for the last four hours I was in the bathroom passing a kidney stone.

Seth: Dude it could have been done in 30 seconds with the grip and Rip, only problem is your urethra fucking dies.
by Nibba slayer May 10, 2018
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When you are about to get it on. Grab the shoulders of the one you're getting it on with as a handle and start thrusting.
Steve gave Kelly the old grip and rip last night behind the dumpster.
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Grabbing an unsuspecting female's shoulders and ripping her vagina apart.
Last night Eddie gave Shawna the old grip and rip.
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To do something fast or to tell someone to hurry up.
Dave gripped and ripped through that test today.

I told John to grip and rip if he wanted to get done in time.
by Useless_Headphones May 14, 2016
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When you jerk off dry inside of coveralls at work
C.B: Hey thomas what did you do today

Thomas: I just had a grip and rip in the sieve shack today inside of my coveralls

C.B: Thats sick and rad I'm canadian
by grand_dady November 19, 2009
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