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Grimmer is a term used when something it disgusting/vile.
The size of Richard kinders belly is a grimmer.

Person: I just farted
Person 2: ew that's a grimmer.
by Albakaslak July 05, 2016
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1)One who is named after the norse god Wodhin. The root of which is 'grimm' meaning to bear a lot. Therefore Grimmer is one who can bear a lot.

2)An adjective describing a situation more intense that the word grimm just dosen't cut it.

3)The name for a person (preferably a man) that is extremely sexy and is extremely good at sex.

4)An overly sarcastic member of older generations.
1)now joe bob grimmer was a tough guy and could lift near 400 pounds

2,3)friend: Why are you so good at everything? You're like, perfect.
Grimmer: I don't know, I guess it's because I'm a Grimmer.

4)(following a sarcastic statement) Don't be so grimmer, I don't like it when your mean and tease me.
by Kimberly Lazars December 09, 2005
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1. A person that is a low life, brings grim and sorrow to those around them
2. A sub-human
3. One that darkens a room just by their presence
person one: Man, the energy suck in here.
person two: That's cause that Grimmer, Tickle, is here.
person one: That explains it.
by Blanko_6105 July 15, 2014
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