Cops learn that if they break down and cry to a shrink after using their weapons, they get support, and both cops and civilians that know they will be on TV know just how to break down at the right time and "express" sorrow for what they did, thinking that will make them less wrong. When was the last time you heard a cop or a civilian that shot an unarmed protestor or black guy say

"Not a day goes by that I don't feel absolutely no remorse about what I did, they got what was coming to them!" The reason you never hear that on TV is nobody wants to make what's coming for them any worse than what it is, nobody wants to intensify what is coming for them.
Something you never hear on TV's grief tragedy sympathy industry-

Armed Civilian- Yea I shot the son of a bitch, so what, who cares. Gimme the electric chair, hang me, or shut the fuck up you fucking cunt!

Judge- I will do as you wish, I will sentence you to death, you will get what you deserve without further adieu!
by The Original Agahnim November 17, 2021
Of the things the grief tragedy sympathy industry shows you on primetime TV, the coronavirus statistics seem dull this time of year because they are all year, but it takes something like extreme weather to wake people up.
The extreme weather is a refreshing thing to see after watching the same dull coronavirus numbers and statistics bullshit that is aired by the grief tragedy sympathy industry all year since 2020.
by The Original Agahnim September 2, 2021
A cynical industry where you hear the same kinds of stories and lines over and over to the point that it's a joke that isn't funny (the false hope and optimism sky is going to fall again tomorrow industry).
Person that survived storm- As long as nobody gets hurt, I don't care if I lose everything else.

Grief/tragedy/sympathy/hope industry Reporter- That sounds convincing.

5 years later after recovering from loss of loved one the person gets to thinking and it hits them- As horrible as it makes me sound, too horrible to put on TV, though nothing will hit as hard as me losing a loved one or an animal, I really do miss that couch and TV, even if I got another one. It sounds inhuman of me, and yet deep down anyone else would miss their shit at times if they lost it, even if they didn't tell anyone that they did. If they didn't miss their shit, they wouldn't get a house to put it in, but if they did get a house and wouldn't miss their shit, they'd live in an empty house, since nothing would be sacred there. If people are being honest with themselves and true to life, they also miss material things even if they miss the living things more.
by The Original Agahnim December 14, 2021
The industry that is in Mobile, Louisiana, or Florida in September for the hurricanes and in the Midwest in the spring for the tornados. They're not even around long enough to give a fuck about anybody, if another hurricane hit a few weeks later in the Bahamas, they'd already be in the Bahamas with a new story, a new group of people they care so much about, and a new fundraising and rescue effort underway.
The grief/tragedy/sympathy/hope industry is not on your side, they are not your friend. They are just the people that control your supply chain (they have all the power) if you end up fucked. They are the same people that control the weapons, military, government, industry, and first responders.
by The Original Agahnim December 15, 2021
An industry that loves to tell people who their heroes are/should be.
Thanks to the grief tragedy sympathy hope industry, the aviation museum that always had a name good enough for the residents of the city that went there had to change it's name to honor a guy they were told was their hero, rather than anybody asking them who their personal heroes were. Perhaps their personal heroes were a family member or someone from closer to home than Texas, but since nobody asked them, they were forced to adopt a guy they were told was their hero as their personal hero, without any room for anyone else (since many of them thought the name of the museum was good enough as it was, without being forced to change, and it was going to get changed to a preselected name chosen by the "new guard" instead of by the residents).
by The Original Agahnim January 20, 2022
The industry that wants control of all sides of the story, therefore the media claims to tell all sides of the story and be on everyone's side.
What the media and grief/tragedy/sympathy industry won't tell people is how on their own they really are, and how the industry doesn't give a fuck about them, it's a machine that depends on them to keep running.
by The Original Agahnim September 28, 2021
An industry that pretends to be on your side, rooting for you instead of the events that make the industry possible (storms, crime, death, accidents, bad news).
by Solid Mantis October 9, 2020