North Wales phrase for an older man.

Generally, one that has grey hair.

Not as dashing as a 'Silver Fox'.

Tends to be bushier
Emma: Ooh David you are like a Silver Fox
Neil: I'm greyer than him!
Dave: You're more like a Grey Squirrel
by BershamBackdoor August 28, 2019
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Sciurus carolinensis, known in North America as the eastern grey (they write "gray") squirrel.

It was introduced into Britain in the last quarter of C19th.
Alas, it has generally replaced the native red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).
we have a job for you, grey squirrel : you are to travel to exotic distant lands, meet exciting squirrels (excited people) and kill the reds
We know they is habouring mass acorns and they pose a threat,
we read it in Mad magazine
by CarlosC March 10, 2006
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A squirrel that is grey. It destroys trees, eats all the food from a bird feeder and makes a horrible noise.
Max: Why is there a massive hole in my bird feeder?

Sam: A grey squirrel chewed through it.
by Doge_123 June 27, 2016
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an annoying little american bastard who lives in our trees.(BEN WARD)
grey squirrel
by ,dfhgiopfviourtfghp February 13, 2020
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