Gremlins are a rare species of goblins. They start as fuzzy little creatures called Mogwais but they become disgusting and foul if they get the munchies after midnight. Gremlins come in very interesting and unique varieties of races. Some are green with yellow eyes, some are brown with wight fur, and some have red spines extended out on their backs.
Citrus: Hey, I fed my mogwai and now it’s a gremlin.


Citrus: Um, he looks less wimpy and more cool?

Jack: But gremlins are foul creatures!
by The guy with the orange September 23, 2018
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Girl 1:"I really want a gremlin inside of me'
Girl 2:" yeah, me too"
by Anonymous074 July 17, 2014
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A gremlin is a member of a social clique of simple, shallow, hive minded individuals who can usually be seen sporting poofy, stylized hair, baggy, trendy clothes and/or ripped jeans, and shoes that cost several times more money than they’re worth. Gremlins typically enjoy mumble rap and weed, and in semi common cases, more serious drugs and alcohol. They are usually found in packs in high schools, and are quite socially active in most cases, for they find it easy to make friends. This is because all gremlins are effectively the same person and possess no depth or individuality, and thus find it very easy to tolerate and enjoy each other’s company.
Ew, why hasn’t Isaiah shaved his pedostache yet? Not even the other gremlins are that gross.
by Fat Boi Roi July 06, 2018
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Gremlin is a furry critter. Upon the mistake of trusting them they can turn sides and kill you. in 1800 there was a famous gremlin named erin that killed over 10000 people. today she is now best friends with the grim reaper. and can kill you at anytime...
"don't go near that gremlin she will kill you..."
via giphy
by pickle stick December 09, 2018
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Small, furry, mischievous human-animal hybrids that are fueled by energy drinks and are known for tampering with vehicles like cars, boats, and small airplanes.
Did this lil gremlin actually steal TWO of my Red Bull’s today?
by Youaretheworst September 05, 2020
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