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A character from the anime/manga Black Butler. (Kuroshitsuji in Japanese.) Grell Sutcliff is a Grim Reaper who is in love with the color red and turned out to be Jack the Ripper. He is also very gay, (a transvestite, really.) and appears to have a thing for men in suits. (Sebastian, William, the Undertaker, etc.) He also wields a chainsaw as a Death Scythe.

Completely normal.
Sebastian's day was completely normal until Grell decided to creepily stalk and take pictures of him.
by OneHellofaButler August 11, 2012
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German word for something very cool, also used as a replacement for "krass" or "geil".
Die Tussi ist echt voll grell, alter.
by ZappoB July 16, 2009
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A liquid substance consisting of semen, blood, and feces usually produced by making stanky anal love to a woman on her period then waiting for the wrongness to drip out. If one is impatient a straw may be used.
She woke up the next morning with a filthy puddle of grell forming underneath her anus.
by Trevor Clouse March 11, 2007
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