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(noun) an utterly useless person; someone that delegates all work
(verb) to delegate menial tasks
(adjective) a situation in which nothing is being accomplished because all work is being delegated
(noun) Due to Brian's laziness and habit of delegating all his work to others, he has gained the reputation of being a real voll.

(verb) After being delegated the task of updating the day's status report again, Brandon exclaimed, "I got volled again!"

(adjective) The project was going nowhere, because everyone was delegating all their tasks to one another; it was very voll.
by Ryan Daniel March 21, 2007
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A voll is a person who is very oaf-like. They have very short tempers and are easily frustrated. They are however, strangely enough, mechanically inclined.
Man 1 - Wow... did you that guy back there with the chainsaw?
Man 2 - Yeah, that guy was such a voll!
by TomFo0lery August 12, 2006
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