An interesting section of Brooklyn, New York, where much of the population is, and speaks, Polish, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian. Known for good Polish restaurants, and very easy to get to by train from Manhattan or Queens (you can see Manhattan's beveled Citicorp Tower from most of the streets). Near Metropolitan Ave. just a few blocks away from the beginning of Greenpoint, there's a beautiful Russian Orthodox church with maroon onion domes and gold crosses.
My drothers are for a Polish restaurant, so let's have some chow in Greenpoint!
by pentozali March 29, 2006
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Pronounced by the locals "Green-pernt." All manner of animal innards hanging in the windows. St. Stan's church was said to bankroll many of the Poles who moved into the neighborhood. The church would give them loans that they could not get at banks, and build life-long reverence.
"Yo, Vasili, look at dat kishka in da windah! Now I knows we's in Greenpoint (Green-pernt)."
by myron greenpoint August 26, 2006
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