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One who tries hard, and is a suck-up, but is actually the most messed up kid
That kid in our science is such a greeno.
by thegrabber November 30, 2010
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A game played in cars that is similar to punch buggy or spotto, whereby players yell put “GREENO!!!!’ when they see a green vehicle and punch someone sitting next to them. Parked motorised vehicles do not count. Only one greeno can be claimed per vehicle. Under special circumstances the spotter (the person who spotted the green vehicle) is allowed to punch a person of their choice twice if they are a naysayer such as L.C. If the naysayer still does not believe the game is a valid legit thing (despite it being on urban dictionary) the spotter is allowed to punch the naysayer an additional time.
by Greenogreeno May 28, 2019
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V: Green-o'd
N: Green-o

To put an end to, to epicly massacre someone or something.
"Wow you just greeno'd that joke"-V

"That kid is such a green-o, he always kills jokes."-N

"Why did you just green-o my mom, thats just gross!"-Adj.
by Track April 24, 2005
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The girthiest geeza in all the lands greeno is a sexy little cunt #Artistic
Omg greeno rim my squeeze box out u beuty
by Hshsma May 07, 2018
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