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1. (n.) Slang term for a person studying building or a surveying degree at any English university. Instantly recognisable by the stylish clothes, swanky demeanour and generally radiating an air of unfathomable coolness.

Generally unable to settle for scoring once per evening so must hunt for a second conquest as soon as the first has been ravaged.

Mostly good dress sense with occasional potential to sport a ridiculous haircut. Horrific taste in music.

2. (n.) A mysteriously enticing dance move in which the dancer points two fingers in the shape of a gun and proceeds to point them alternately at the ceiling with occasional pauses and disbelieving facial expressions.

3. (adj.) Believing oneself to be God's gift to men and women.
1. GUY - Did you just see that lad walk past with the bad hair listening to sexy chick by akon for the millionth time? TOTAL Greening

2. GIRL - WTF is that guy doing? ooh he's doing the greening

3. GUY - Oh here he comes givin it the greening, prick.
by realestateninja May 19, 2010
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1 (vb.) The act of purging oneself (i.e. inducing vomiting voluntarily, usually after excessive consumption of alcohol or the sighting of a particularly savage munter) without the aid of fingers or an object being forced into the throat to induce the the gag reflex.

Extra style points may be awarded for outstretched arms, 'the crucifix' or the big daddy, the chunder dragon.
Guys watch out i've had a few pints of guinness and some shots of baileys don't want that shit on my fingers so i' gonna go for a freestyle purge
by realestateninja May 19, 2010
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1 (n.) A person who spends his days chundering and fighting welsh people, mostly those from swansea.. also has suspiciously long showers cracking one out and spaffing on the floor for everyone else to stand on
OMG i let you in the shower to clean the chunder out of your hair and you go and flog the dolphin your such a turpin
by realestateninja May 19, 2010
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