a greebo is a person who likes rock music, goth music, heavy metal, and they are often confuesed with goths although who ever think we are goths are idiots. we are mainly taken the piss out of by townies and chavs. we dont care what we wear and we do not follow the trends. they often like extreme sports e.g.skateboarding and we wear baggy jeans and hoodies with t-shirt/shirts which are usually black.
im a greebo and i get shouted at by the townies because im different.
by greebo rock rob May 05, 2006
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Something thats better than a chav, for many reasons. More free spirited than chavs, they mostly listen to music that requires talent. The music varies from (the less talented) pop punk such as Green Day to (much more talent required) Heavy Metal bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden. They tend to wear baggy clothes and skate, and avoid being illiterate.
Townie: Aye bruv i will blapzuz ot!!!!111one!!!11
Greebo: Um... okay then?
by Kemble September 12, 2005
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A person(most likly a teenager) that listens to heavy rock music. More often han not, greebos are smart, quie understanding people.
for example, i am described as a greebo and yet i got sraight 5s in my S.A.T's and i have been described as a good listener and i have often been rewarded for kindness!!!!!!!

by Chelsey Smith January 04, 2006
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People often get greebo's confused wid goths ( if they're a bit retarded e.g townies)A greebo listens to music such as nirvana,the chillis,qotsa, foos etc. They where baggy clothes mainly black, and the lads have long overgrown hair.Greebo's are well none for smoking weed,pot, shit wateva ya wanna call it, but not all do despite what the oh so intelligent burberry wearer's think. And for all the people who think greebos have something against you they probably do, as not all people enjoy havin abuse shouted at dem in da streets or gettin da shit kicked out of dem wen they've done nothin to you.
Townie: Ow look someone dressed in black and mindin their own business, must be a greebo, lets kill it!
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Greebo is a term that means a person who listens to heavy music and does not follow the mainstream fasion. it is a pathetic term made up by chavs as they have no better comeback when people laugh at them for their chavy nature.

If you are called a greebo, you shouldn't be offended, as;

a) theres nothing wrong with it, its who you are, your differant.

b) your not a sheep, as you don't follow the mainstream fasion and music taste, meaning your better then the snobs who call you a greebo.

c) you listen to actuall music, not some talentless douche bag talking over a drum beat about the same daym things

d) you have a personality

e) you know nicer people who are all diferant and exiting to meet

f) your girlfriends unlikely to be a slut/whore who'll cheat on you about 20 times behind your back and still have the cheek to say "i love you"

g) you know what love is and how it feels

h) its just a word.

need i go on??
by benjito666 June 01, 2007
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A greebo is, typically, a massive, fat, sweaty, long haired mess. Greebos are not necessarily fat, however, although they are usually sweaty messes. The typical greebo is into heavy metal and likes to use the word 'awesome' regularly, un-ironically. The current definitions on 'urban dictionary' for the word 'greebo' were almost 100% written by greebos. The typical greebo enjoys hanging around metropolitan town centres in a cult-like crowd, asking their friends "where their hugs are". They then attend greebo nightclubs, for example: the Glasgow Cathouse, and end up "sooooo drunk :3 xD" before leaving and infecting the local fast food outlets with their drunk greebo patter. Do not be surprised if you see a greebo wearing a metallica or iron maiden t-shirt, because this is the norm for them, and do not be surprised if you see them in public and cringe. It happens.
Rab: do you see that filthy greebo over there?
Josh: aye man, fuckin boggin.
by Rodebrecht March 02, 2016
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Greebo - Originaly a cat in the famous discworld series written by Terry Pratchett.
My favorit character in the whole series:D

Then Greebo scrached his ear.
by Petrusek March 03, 2008
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