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After doing a shit and not wiping properly, when your butt gets sweaty it produces a gravy like residue, Leaving marks on your underwear.
Check out the skids on peters boxers, pure gravy bum.
by Jimmywhack August 23, 2016
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What you should call your work colleagues if they ever have a sick day.
example 1: nice to see that your in today "gravy bum".

example 2: andys not going to be in today hes off sick.
"i bet he has gravy bum"
by yesson20 December 16, 2011
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Used to describe the physical appearance of diarrhoea, including its often impulsive behaviour (and/or occurance after eating mcdonald's). Also used as crude humour to describe one's symptoms.
Joey's been knocked down with a case of gravy bum.

I got terrible gravy bum after having that quarter pounder!
by Blank__ October 10, 2008
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