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A character from the cartoon Gravity Falls.
He is an old man who's favorite hobbies are shoplifting, vandalism, and watching T.V.
Stan is sometimes referred to as either "Grunkle Stan" or "Hunkle Stan" because of moments in episodes such as "Scaryoke" when he suddenly appeared, fighting off zombies like the awesome Grunkle he is, in which some fans of the show gave him the name "Hunkle"
He is also the twin brother of Stanford Pines, otherwise known as the man who completely ruined the entire show and I don't like him no more- but that's another story...or..definition.
Stanley Pines is not allowed on airplanes.
Oh wait, no that was when he stole his brother, Stanford's name.
Sorry Stanford, looks like you won't be leaving America for a while...
by Mrs.Pines September 13, 2016
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