To stare at the grass and have deep conversations about your personal life whilst creating a safe place
Person 1: Bro I need to grass- will you grass with me?

Person 2: Yeah bro- let’s grass together
by PsychoticCandyy February 25, 2020
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noun, crude:
-the pubic hair found on the frontal pubic region of a man.
Sentence form: Bobby gave himself a porno trim before his hot date so that his grass would not tickle her ass"
by Websters-II March 17, 2005
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Fabulous. Awesome. Kickass. Similar to "dope".
"Oh, man, that concert was so grass!"
by DirectorTassja February 29, 2012
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To inform law enforcement of illegal activity. To snitch. To rat on someone.
Karen went viral for grassing on her neighbors, who were selling water without a permit.
by The Angry Britt September 17, 2020
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