Informant, snitch. Someone who sell out others.
I have no time for grasses.

There's a grass in our company.
by Treki July 20, 2009
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Something you need to touch to desprate whore
by Pussygadja November 23, 2021
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The rouge music in language personality on mower walk. He with religion the gone strums on piano rouge the Mozart backwards. On mower with in rouge singing in music rouge.
Guy: I have equally my have second my have second. My don't think an have second I think them.

Friend: Guy violin guy five with guy with grass? The with moderators a moderators with the moderators five.
by bigpoofan312 July 1, 2023
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A basic plant, but also slang for weed/Marijuana. Grass is used all around the world and it is a popular thing to say in some communities and that
Guy 1: you bro, you got the grass?

Guy 2: yeah I got it all right. The question is, you got the money?
by Mistyman6 March 15, 2023
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Chinese Internet culture use this as a replacement for f*ck/to f*ck.
Hey, your oven is burning.

by Idiot enlightened April 14, 2022
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Me: Aye shawty you got grass
Shawty: What?
Me: I like your butt.
Shawty: Oh
Me: Yeah bae
by NIGGA GOT A 7 inch September 23, 2012
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Grass is a definition of the fandom for the boy group "NCT" instead of NCTzen its grass,Because of Grass the light stick is green making the concert ocean green looking like grass.
Mark:“NCTzens look like grass
by Chittaphon April 28, 2021
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