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One of the best cars ever made by buick. Pretty much it was a 85 Regal painted black, suped up, and had a turbo charger and intercooler shoved up its ass, all to make it averaging a 13 second car. Also see badass
Moes Grand National Kicks Ass!
by Moe July 10, 2002
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An automobile that very few people know much about.
If tuned and modified properly, a Grand National will perform better than the competition when equal cash is spent.
by Tommy March 23, 2003
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Though rarely thought of in modern racing times, the Buick Grand National was produced from the years ('82-'87). Most notably the black grandma cars that're quiet as hell and yet spank a foxbody mustang by 15 car lengths, leaving the ford driver angry and confused. this is due to the 231 cu. in turbocharged V6 found in many of them, producing around 260 hp and 350 ft. lbs of torque....stock. with an upgraded turbo size and boost controller, they can make over 500 hp with the turn of a dial. unfortunately, Buick grew a vagina and made them actual grandma cars after '87.
person 1: dude i just made that z28 my bitch man, i almost feel bad for him.

passenger in Grand National: yeah you had to have 20 lbs of boost, didn't you? you're gonna blow a piston er something. but that was fuckin amazing

driver of camaro: damn...
by richard james, bitch March 13, 2009
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A phrase used to describe an undesirable outcome of a mix when the beats clash due to the two tracks not being correctly in time. The resulting output of beats at irregular times is likened to multiple horses running, and hence the phrase Grand National.
"Grand National!" - simple shout to make others aware that the shoutee has in fact identified some poor mixing skills by the DJ.

"That first tune was pretty sweet but there was a massive Grand National at the end of it."
by RhythmJunky February 01, 2009
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