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Noun. Podunk town mostly famous for being the notch in Connecticut and hometown of former MTV VJ Jesse Camp. Unofficially in a sports rivalry with the rest of the state, but namely Granby Junior.
I done got edumacated in Granby.
by Chris January 21, 2005
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A small, generally unkown, upper middle class town located in the farmington valley (CT), boarding towns including: east granby, simsbury, canton, barkhamsted, suffield, and southwick (MA).

Granby includes West Granby and North Granby. The population is somewhere

Granby is consistently highly ranked highly in academic performance. In 2009 Granby was tied in 9th place with Westport for CMT testing. It was also rated the 3rd best small town to live in (#1 Old Saybrook, #2 Weston). The population is about 11,000 people and a seemingly equal number of horses, goats and cows.

Granby is possibly one of the most boring towns in Connecticut. Refusing many commercial businesses, the town remains an isolated, undeveloped, and relaxed environment. There are thousands of acres of nature preserve as well. Most residents tend to work in the insurance industry. The town is much like an undeveloped Simsbury or a more developed Suffield.
Person: Where are you from?

Granby Person: Granby

Person: Where is that?

Granby Person: You know where that notch is on the north side of the state?

Person: No...
by GCT076 March 21, 2010
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A small town in Western Massachusetts. Its main exports are dairy and boredom, its main imports are assholes who come from Granby Connecticut.
Stranger: Hi, where are you from!
Granby Resident: Granby.
Stranger: Oh I know that place, I have a cousin who lives there!
Resident: I meant Granby MA
Stranger: Is it new?
by A liberal August 02, 2010
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Also known as "Cow-Town CT", this boring town has nothing to do in it. When told that someone lives in Granby, most people ask if you live on a farm. People from granby want to leave, and people around Granby don't want to go there, possibly the worst town in the state of CT
Yeah, I've been cow tipping so many times.
by Flar Nella April 12, 2005
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