A quiet, boring, mostly white neighborhood in California.
A place where old rich people live.
Damn, look at her!
She probably lives in West Hills.
by lolskittles August 2, 2009
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A high school in Scarborough Toronto, people may believe the school is "hood" but is not.
I go to west hill, the high school.
by RAZETHEBOSS March 22, 2019
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The school that has the better teams in sports and is near the library. They assume that all people at the other highschool in town are rich and eithor jewish or asian but are wrong. It is also clear to see that the students here do not like the other highschool and get very antisemetic in their comments about the other high school. Its ignorant of them because at one point almost all the jews were on the west side. Their ignorance can be seen clearly with the schools SAT avrages
by eyeinthesky January 11, 2011
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by User1120 September 23, 2017
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