A person who finds it fun to correct the incorrect spelling and grammar of noobs and idiots.
Grammar Nazi: You're* Write*
Idiot: i hate you
Grammar Nazi: I hate you.*
by KKWLBYE April 22, 2011
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Known to be quite the buzzkills, often digressing from the main point of discussion to fulfill their need to correct grammatical errors and typos, mostly in a condescending tone. However, their rising population suggests that they are charming the pants off each other, their loins warmed by the idea of impeccable grammar, while pissing everyone else off.
Here, you can see, a Grammar Nazi in his natural habitat, mating with his lover in the widely popular Oxford Comma position.
by kickingwithyou May 13, 2016
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Someone who is ALWAYS correcting ANYONE'S grammar.
Person 1: Hey wgat's up?
Grammar Nazi: *what's
Person 1: Grrr. Y do u always correct me when we're texting?
Grammar Nazi: *Why *you
Person 1: -rages-
by QueenOfSpades13 July 16, 2013
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Someone who is so educated, they are so inclined to pick out every damn grammatical mistake you make in common conversation, texting, and websites. They make you feel uneducated. Just like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, they want to control every facet of your grammar and sentence structure. They say "Oh, I'm just trying to help you through constructive criticism.", when they obviously are just calling out mistakes for personal gain.
Teenage Girl: "Oh my ged sharon, i was at the mall the other day and i bumped into sharyl!"
Grammar Nazi: "You misspelled god, didn't capitalize 2 names, and didn't capitalize 2 'I's."
Teenage Girl: "stupid grammer Nazi"
Grammar Nazi: "You misspelled grammar, and didn't capitalize the word beginning the sentence."
Teenage Girl: *clicks out of chatroom because Grammar Nazi won't stop his shit*
by somedude149 April 12, 2014
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An Asshat that normally trolls forums looking for posts to correct becuase they have nothing worthwild to add to the thread..
That asshat mike is a grammer nazi and is a freeking troll.
by Blake May 06, 2005
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N. A person who hates false grammar.

adj. The act of repeatedly correcting another person's grammar.
Hippie: 'Dude, that party was the funnest'
Grammar Nazi: 'You mean: Dude, that party was the most fun.'
by The Friendly Nazi June 02, 2014
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