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Main character and protagonist in the SHOWTIME dramedy "Californication" as played by David Duchovny. Hank hit it big with his novel "God hates us all" and decided to move from New York City to LA with his girlfriend Karen many years ago and continue his work as a novelist on the west coast. Moody is constantly getting into trouble for his insatiable appetite for beautiful, loose women and giving into the temptations of drugs and alcohol (usually all at once). The character is known for his charming nature, porsche 911, and his clever quips throughout the series.
Charlie: Your Dad was just a really good guy y'know?
Hank Moody: No he wasn't, he used to say you looked like a walking penis

Hank: (giving a toast) To our beautiful family, our black president, and my magnificent dong

Hank: Not a big fan of that term: love-making - making love. I prefer boning, stuffing, stupping, banging, porking, boffing - anything, take your pick, just not love-making

Hank: In the words of The Clash, should I stay or should I rock the casbah?
by gointocali August 26, 2010
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A socially awkward person. Quit he/she’s job to play arma 3 and all he does is drive around with a 28 year old dude who thinks he’s a fox. Has a really annoying voice no one can stand likes to make his words really long so he seems smart.
Wow I feel so bad for that retarded kid licking that pole too bad he dosnt know better reminds me of hank moody.
by hankmoody123 April 21, 2018
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