Grackle: is an arrogant or obnoxious person that's arrogant and bullying & annoying
Don't grackle me
by Bravo326 May 2, 2021
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A large and vocal black bird that likes to gather in large groups and take dumps.
Grackles lend themselves to certain recreational persuit chief among them, Greasing Grackles. eg;
"This morning, I greased three grackles with my Marlin 39a loaded With CCI mini-caps"
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
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For those living in the British Isles, grackles are groups of tourists. Grackles typically pour out of busses onto streets, blocking regular foot traffic and creating a general nuisance. Ironically, the more a city complains about grackles, the more it probably needs grackle tourism money to stay out of bankruptcy. Typically, one can find grackles flocking outside of major historical landmarks and international fast food chains. Grackles come from all continents. For the imagery concerning why this name is so appropriate, see definition 1.
It took me 45 minutes just to walk down Cornmarket Street because of all the grackles waiting to get into McDonalds.
by Lexasaurus March 31, 2009
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A brand name combining the words "GRAnular", "cRACK" and "spACKLE"; a spackle-like buttplug to safeguard one's plum during short periods of incarceration.
Yolanda, call my lawyer and bail bondsman and bring my toothbrush, putty knife and grackle.
by harry flashman July 19, 2003
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Rat-Grackle is a nasty imaginary critter that lives inside a fat ho's vagina. The Rat Grackle's breath tends to be foul and fishy in smell.
Man get the gas masks, Sally's Rat-Grackle has particularly bad breath today.
by fly4adeadguy February 24, 2009
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A joke from the sitcom B99

Basically means a common person or basic ass bitch
Wunch: How did you get this?

Gina: Gina and Terry got it, you grackle!
by ActorJisoo03 February 21, 2022
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A fuck of grackles
I was attacked in the parking lot by a fuck of grackles!
by msbreath October 21, 2018
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