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Magical pseudo force that "grabs" objects with low mass, and pulls them toward objects with a greater mass.

Formerly known as gravity , redefined to more appropriately describe this unproven phenomenon .
I wish I could fly like an eagle , but grabbity is constantly grabbing me to the exterior of the wet , spinning, space pear rock earth .
by Plainsightnews June 27, 2018
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the law of being able to take anything within ur reach....the right of grabbing and keeping
Biff: WTF! thats my frostie!!! wats rong w/ u?

Vinny: law of grabbity with it
by :pd: o yea June 18, 2008
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Mispronunciation of gravity. Uttered by brainlet Flat Earthers who think they’re clever for saying this cringy shit.
Grabbity keeps us from falling off the earth but birds can fly and clouds are in the air?!? Do you even science bro?
by BilgeBuddy November 18, 2018
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