A BIG, HARD MASS; A BLOCK OF ORANGE-YELLOW PROCESSED "USDA CHEESE FOOD" ISSUED BY "DA GUBMENT" United States GOVERNMENT to aid needy families by supplementing their food resources. Used for making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Macaroni & Cheese but ALSO CAUSES severe, bowel obstructing constipation, silent but deadly stinky gas, and / or "the runs" diarrhea in those who are lactose intolerant.
I just got some Government Cheese, but I'm not gonna make a grill cheese sandwich cause it gave me the runs last time I ate it.
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Government cheese was the most flavorful fantastic cheese ever made. It was the one thing poor kids had over rich ones. It was usually delivered to your door(if you had a home) in a large block, by the state. Government cheese got me through my childhood. Thank you Dad, for being such a loser.
"Dude, you know where I can get some government cheese?"

When in high school, we used government cheese in home ec class.
by welfarerecipient May 28, 2009
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Government cheese is a blend of cheese handed out to needy families in the United States during the Reagan administration. Many different blends of cheese were used in it's production, however today the most comparable cheese would be colby.
I sure wish we could still get some government cheese
by brizbang October 18, 2006
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money through welfare
"I get my government cheese on tha first of tha month."
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
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Any money received from the government.
I got my government cheese in the mail today, lets party!
by marinerm May 21, 2010
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Government Cheese is free cheese of suspicious quality produced for those on the dole.

It is usually rated grade 'B' or 'C' by the USDA and therefore unfit to sell at market. It is made from milk that is near to being out-of-date and the result is a very hard, funky cheese of totally unnatural color.
- D'ya hear about Frank?

- No, what?

- He got mugged waiting in line for government cheese last Friday!
by Piffler July 28, 2006
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the nastyist ever made

made by the us goverment for the poor
what is in this sandwich?

reply goverment cheese
by tom April 19, 2004
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