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A word to address a close friend. May also be used to describe a dumbass.
"What up goup"

"Hey yo, what up goup"

"Shut up goup"

"Boy you is a goup ass"

"He a mufuckin' goup"
by Goupboy September 26, 2018
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Goup is a word for any miscellaneous act or thing and is often used as a placeholder. It can be used as a noun or a verb depending on the context and is most commonly used to refer to very viscous liquids or other such substances.
Hey pass me the goup.
Dude why did you goup in my mother?
Give me that. Give you what? The goup!
by pennyFitz February 09, 2021
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When you really want a kebab but are too drunk to correctly enunciate your sentence.
"Go up?" "you'd like to go upstairs?" "noooo I want a kebab!!!"
by The_Robb August 27, 2019
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its like go down but you say it if you're a boy with an upside-down face.
"Maybe someday we'll get married and you can go up on me." -Jake Tucker
by vance android January 29, 2009
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"Bruh bruh, this shit slap, goup on my lap and we strapped in da trap"
by YOUNGKILLANIGGA415 October 05, 2008
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The art of getting so high that one feels as if they are "going up" into the clouds!
Smoking on this Purp make me "Go Up"

- Ta3$ (originator)
by Ta3$ March 20, 2018
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