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A word to address a close friend. May also be used to describe a dumbass.
"What up goup"

"Hey yo, what up goup"

"Shut up goup"

"Boy you is a goup ass"

"He a mufuckin' goup"
by Goupboy September 26, 2018
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When you really want a kebab but are too drunk to correctly enunciate your sentence.
"Go up?" "you'd like to go upstairs?" "noooo I want a kebab!!!"
by The_Robb August 27, 2019
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its like go down but you say it if you're a boy with an upside-down face.
"Maybe someday we'll get married and you can go up on me." -Jake Tucker
by vance android January 29, 2009
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The art of getting so high that one feels as if they are "going up" into the clouds!
Smoking on this Purp make me "Go Up"

- Ta3$ (originator)
by Ta3$ March 20, 2018
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to (be) finesse(d) or (be) bamboozle(d)
friend : i found a sugar daddy who will give me 5k a month .. he wants my bank account info so we can start.

me : girl you about to get gouped , don't give him you bank information.
by Jonnathegodsis January 12, 2020
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