-an expression when you physically have possession of

-expression when you successfully prank someone
-expression when you win at a game or activity
person 1: Something came in the mail today
Person 2: What?
Person 1: These NUTS! Haaa! Gotem!
by Global1996 April 28, 2015
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Gotem is primarily used as an interjection.

1. Used when you succeed in pranking someone.
2. Used when you win an argument and/or makes the one you are arguing with look like a fool.
1. "Did you seen that ball hit Ricky's face? Gotem!"
2. "Dude, you can't even spell Tay Zonday. Gotem!"
by Joseph Starcraft April 9, 2008
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(1)exclamatory term used when one person tricks, fools, pwns, or does something to someone without their consent; (2)this can also be said about doing something to the community at large instead of directed towards one person

** "gotems" is generally always accompanied by jovial laughter
(1) your friend passes out on the couch and you shave his eyebrows. whe he wakes up he's like "what the fuck?!" and you say "Hahaha.... Gotems!"

(2) you destroy half a city block using sledgehammers and dynomite. As you drive away happily, you say "Gotems!"

** preferred term of mockery by the class of 04 from Winter Springs High School...woot
by Peter December 2, 2004
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The term gotem is a slang term rapidly increasing in popularity amongst Florida high school students.

The center of this new verbal activity is undoubtedly from Eastside High School in Gainesville, FL. "Gotem" was derived from the not uncommon saying, "Got them." The word then transitioned to "Got'em," and now finally, to "gotem". There is much controversy over the originator of this term, but few doubt that a one Bei He played a critical role in its beginnings and initial spread. The term is also thought to be related to the card game, Texas Hold'em, due primarily to the two words' similar structure.

When one is particularly excited it has become customary to shout "GOTEM" as loudly as possible, this is generally followed by echoes of gradually shrinking magnitude. It is also used when a person has pulled off a particularly impressive feat, either by the person themselves or any witnesses to the event. "Gotem" is beginning to be used as a greeting as well.
1: "Gotem!"
2: "GOTEM!"
by Gotem June 17, 2006
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ha gotem
dan poured salt into joe's pasta. When joe eats his pasta he spits it out in disgust, then dan says "ha gotem"
by EDY28 July 3, 2021
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Used when or after you insult or roast someone or something.
You look like a pickle with a condom on! Gotem good.
by Realtroyzen February 26, 2018
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(n) A situation in which one person is able to trick somebody is doing something they didn't want to do in the first place and then promptly laughs at them afterward.
Person 1: Hey, you remember when Ned was willing to play that game with you and then you just left after 5 minutes.
Person 2: Oh yeah, that was a real ha gotem moment.
by log_e(e^e)=e December 26, 2019
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